Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Dancing Donkeys

A combination of a low tide and river ice, lowered Indian Point's intake water past a preset alarm point at about 7 A.M. yesterday. Abiding by pre-agreed technical specifications, Entergy alerted the NRC, as agreed. No emergency occurred, nothing broke, everything worked as designed. By 10 A.M. the tide rose, and the alert was lifted. It was an operational triviality. At worst, it might have resulted in Entergy shutting down the plant for an hour.

However, by a recent agreement, alerting the NRC is now done simultaneously with alerting all local and regional officialdom. To local officialdom the rationale is that a shifty and duplicit NRC, in cahoots with their lax and evasive bedmates, the operators, may conspire to drag their feet, hide the facts, and keep concerned officials in the dark. So everybody gets the same call, all at once. This is called "Transparency".

Net result? Ten major news feeds, and over 1270 "piggy-back" internet news items poured out of Buchanan within hours, including repetitious and off-the-mark boilerplate statements by Hillary Clinton, Nita Lowey, John Hall, and Andrew Spano, all urging Entergy to "do more maintenance" and pointing out how this proves whatever hackneyed last press blurb they had issued, was supposedly now prophetic in hindsight.


Did 1270 piggy-back articles raise the river? Did Spano et al. lift the Hudson tide, as a kind of collective left-leaning god Zeus? What WAS lifted, was the press visibility of dozens of issue-riders, issue-manipulators, self-aggrandizers, and wannabe kingpins, a veritable Chicken Little Brigade in full stampede towards the nearest microphone---all accomplishing what, specifically?

Entergy did not lower the tide. God lowered the tide. The chicken little brigade did not raise the tide. The Almighty, once again, did that unaided. As far as admonitions to improve maintenance, or shut the plant, or revamp evac plans, or deny a license, they're all red herrings. A preset technical set point functioned as planned, and a trivial operating notification went out to the legal overseer, NRC.

The effort to achieve transparency, was an obvious utter failure, bringing on a blinding and obscuring blizzard of irrelevancies, struttings, muggings, everything but a dancing donkey act, wearing "Impeach Bush" buttons. Had the alert lasted longer than 3 hours, I'm sure Susin Tolchin could have at least drummed up the dancing tooth fairy lady to perform, even if the donkeys were unavailable. But the tide came in, and the transparency went out. Out the window, that is.

Certain functions, from mundane water & electric service, to declarations of war, and national security, ought never be politicized. The trouble with transparency is that the recipients of it seldom have a clue of what to do with it, once they get it. Yesterday's dancing donkeys amply prove my point, I think.

Friday, February 2, 2007


Pro-Indian Point Songwriting Contest -$150,000 prize offered.

Backers of the renowned International Songwriter's Contest have opened up a special division for residents of the Hudson Valley, with the prize to be the difference between your tax bills with Indian Point in operation, and the same bills, once Indian Point is shut down. Since Mirant's closing of its Lovett plant has added $7500 per year to a typical Rockland tax bill, we may assume a similar value will be added to the bill by closing Indian Point. Since that $7500 will repeat year after year for perpetuity, contest organizers are "capping the damage" at twenty years, and offering the saving of $150,000 as first prize.

Some suggested themes are:
"Blackout Fever", "Living in Darkness", "Frozen in Winter", "The Day that Peekskill Burned", "Living in Shanties", "Unemployment Blues", "Peekskill Riots Redux", "Diesel Generator Howlin Blacklung Ramble", "Soot, Carbon, Black Moonlight, Emphysema, and You", "Poverty For All, All for Poverty", "Living Like Illegals", "The Day They Tore Old Spano Down", and "Bobby Kennedy, Wherefore Art Thou Now", "Homeless on the Hudson", "Where is Woodstock when you really Need One?", "Coalsoot, Shantytown, Carbon-Credit Highway Hootnanny"


Link to http://www.songwritingcompetition.com/pvwelcome2006.htm

Sponsoring Organizations:
ASCAP, Epiphone, Berklee College Of Music, Fishman, Sam Ash, Cakewalk, Shure, D'Addario, Hear Technologies, Disc Makers, Sonicbids, Musician's Atlas, Sibelius, Karian Studios, Planetary Group, OnlineGigs, The Music Business Registry, Mediaguide, ArtistMonitor, Platinum Blue Music Intelligence, Alphabet Arm Design, George Stein, Esq., SongU, Sleepless Media, and Taxi

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007



A melifluous name, a beautiful sister, a Mommy with a trust fund, Dad connected up the tuckus in Parisian journalistic in-circles. What happened? Instead of living up to all this potential, we get..... bimbo photographs? UFO research? S&M Latex fetishes? Pot sales on the net? Party Planning? Remy Chevalier has described himself for the last 10 years or so as a "researcher", a writer, a women's apparel consultant, and co-founder of a nightclub. (He was not).He has also described himself as editor of a magazine that nobody has ever seen (Lu), the director of an environmental library whose address is coincidentally his mother's house, where he still lives, and as the editor of an electric vehicle magazine, which job, upon looking into it, consisted of doing spelling corrections for the actual editor, one Bruce Meland. Elsewhere, he describes himself as founder of a "big dome" project, which he describes online as a means to manifest the mental and paranormal universe of Russian guru G.I. Gurdjieff via lasers, but yet we find that an advertising executive from the midwest actually owns and runs the dome, as a billboard. We find multiple memberships in friendsdship-seeking email groups, S&M latex sex email groups, membership in hemp-growing and hemp-selling enterprises on the web (hemp is the old name for a plant more widely known in the USA as marijuana), and advertisements for Remy's "Tiki nights", where he rents a bar for the night, sends out email flyers to those on his lists, and gets his aquaintances together--on a paid basis-- to drink together, and line Mr. Chevalier's pockets as party-planner. We also find Rem haunting other people's parties, often wielding a camera as a means of entre', and then writing email blurbs, and web adverts telling the world that it had been HIS party, when often that had not been the case. So what have we learned about Mr. R.C.? We learn that he haunts the activities of others, often claims to be a founding member of stuff he did not found, pumps up his own status as being connected to stuff with which he is really not connected, hangs in bars, exaggerates, and likes pot.

Nothing very damning there, its true. A life centered on fluff, if you ask me. Remy ran for the Connecticut state senate in 2004, but his campaign floundered when old Rem collected his 5000 petition signatures to get him on the ballot, in a district where he did not reside, where the senate seat was NOT up for election, and amazingly, got disqualified for not knowing where he lived, electorally speaking. Bummer ! I suggest you independently google that, if you don't believe me. I could hardly believe it myself.

From googling the man, I've actually grown to like him a bit, 100% bogus, a daffy lost soul, approaching age 57 with the outlook and body of a rather withered 17 year old, mentalizing his life away, websurfing night and day, taking bimbo swimsuit pictures (in that, I actually envy the guy), bluffing his way through life on a head full of wooly wishes and never-finished novels. I was that way 30+ years ago, while I played in rock bands, attended Woodstock, and sought nirvana in Haight-Ashbury. Some admiration, and congratulations are really due, to a guy pushing childhood to its absolute furthest reaches, headed towards the big 6-0 , his sixth decade, still dreaming what he's gonna be when he grows up. As soon as I pay off my second mortgage, set my kids up in postgraduate school, and deal with this pesky prostate cancer, I hope some day to do the same, maybe on Tahiti, like Gaugin.

If you want to check out the "research" Remy has been doing, I've collected some links for you. They deal with his awaiting alien mental masters from outer space,("The Chosen Ones").. Russian psychtronic death rays, Nelson Rockefeller's connection with Adof Hitler's UFO's, and the ongoing government secrecy allowing nazis to still run the US government. (Not George Bush and some neocons--- genuine old-time swatsticker-nazis)

remy UFO site

remy pot site

remy ufo updates

remy marijuana times

Remy Chevalier of Connecticut, calls for a Rally to End Secrecy (www.endsecrecy.com) in Washington DC on October 24, 1999. The objective is "not to prove or disprove the existence of extra-dimensional or extra-terrestrial UFOs, but to get those in-the-know to fess up about better energy conversion technologies than the ones commercialized today, so we can save our planet from the damages of the industrial revolution, war and nuclear pollution possibly using UFO technology", Chevalier says.

remy chasing ufos on pravda

remy a sponsor of "UFO-NET"

Remy unearths the rockefeller-nazi-UFO connection

Remy advises hemp for breakfast

Remy advertises his bar party tiki moon

remy connects nelson rockefeller with hitler

Remy's search for "the chosen ones" (extraterrestrials and spirits)

Remy unearths Russian psychotronic death ray

Syncrestic Integral Transformative Practice (Spiral Mind ControlTheory)

Remy finds Aliens and other beings among us

Oh, and if you are impressed with Mr. Remy's research, and his grasp of what's really going on in the world, you might check out his latest brainstorm "Green Nuclear Butterfly" where he teams up with a true nazi, antinuclear variety, that is, and whines about Indian Point electrical plant.

Such a firm grasp of modern day priorities shouldn't be wasted on Nelson Rockefeller's UFO's.
No-siree.... I want Remy's hemp-assisted fourth dimensional psychotronic engrams helping us figure out where the hell to put the 850,000 windmills its gonna take to replace Entergy's safe, clean, silent, modern day miracle on the Hudson, Indian Point Energy Center.